Quality At A Fair Price


Custom Milling, Beams, and Slabs

We have begun cutting, milling, and processing lumber and rough sawn timbers for our spring projects. We also offer custom milling and tree removal. Looking for a unique slab for a counter top, bar, or table? We can custom cut you a slab from one of our logs or a tree you have.

Wood Chips (Pine, Cedar, and Hardwood Blends)

We still produce and sell Woodchips. Due to the local shaving mill closing down, we have stepped up our production of pine chips. We offer them in several quantities now. Give us a call at (501) 304-6829 and let us know how we can help you.

Firewood Processing and Sales

We have added firewood as a new product offering this year. Due to the struggles our country is facing, as well as an increase in "homesteading", we want to be able to help others become more self reliant. Seasoned hardwood is $185.00 per cord, free delivery within 10 miles. Delivery outside of 10 miles and stacking extra. We do custom sizes and outdoor bonfire wood as well.