Welcome to Twisted Oak Sawmill!

Beginning in 2022, we will be opening a sawmill. We are excited to get everything built and set up. Our equipment is in route and we have started site work. We won't be operating a portable mill, but are able to come pick up logs you have to our mill. Need logs or looking for something specific? We can source logs for you. Dry Lumber will be available by late spring 2022. For questions or more information; Call us at (501)304-6829.

Our Lumber and Specialty Mill:

Our Mill will initially have the capacity to mill 30" diameter by 12' long logs. By Summer we will be up to 20' length for all milling. We currently are able to mill 20' long beams using a different style mill that we already use. We do have the capability to do some 24' long beams if requested. We mill all wood types and would love to custom mill slabs, counter tops, etc. Our mill will initially NOT be open to visit, but once the mill is set up and we can construct the mill building, we will allow visits by appointment.

Please remember all orders will be first come, first served. All lumber that requires drying will take time until we get our kilns built. We will keep pine constantly drying on a rotation to provide usable lumber, but the first runs will not be ready until spring

Our Goal is to save you money!

Having a mill like us custom cut for you can save you on average 40%. What may cost you tens of thousands at a hardware store or lumber yard, we can do for far less.

Part of this is due to the ability to use logs that some customers are able to provide. Other ways we save customers money is by custom cutting and by having the lumber dried at your location. While this may not always be the fastest or allow for instant gratification, it does provide a much better product and a seriously reduced cost to you.

Wood Cuts and Uses:

If you have logs (trees or bucked logs) that you want us to mill, we can mill those as mill space is available. This will have to be stacked once we mill it to dry. All custom lumber milled from customer logs will have to be stacked and dried on the customer's property. We will load your truck or trailer, or can haul it for an extra fee. Stacking is the responsibility of the customer. Arrangements can be made for assistance in stacking, stickering, and weighting at an extra cost.

As we have already mentioned, we will offer pre milled and dried lumber. We will also sell green cut lumber that has yet to be dried. This will be sold at a discount. All large dimension timbers and beams are milled and traditionally finished, then used in a "green" state. We can assist you in finishing, prepping, and coating large timbers and beams if needed. If you have standing trees that you want cut down and milled, we can help with that too. Need Fence boards? We will offer board fencing year round.

"How does this help me?"

Most people who want to build off grid, start or do work on a hobby farm, or maintain quality on a high-end horse ranch are looking for custom sized cuts. Wood and stockade fences generally use rough sawn lumber. Up until about 15 years ago, you could still locally purchase this type of material. With the mass cookie cutter box stores pushing out local business, these custom and high-quality products became no longer available. As an example, we can cut and dry 1x6x10' fence boards for around $0.67 per board foot. This is for a real 1x6, not something that is labeled 1x6 but is really 3/4x5.5 and sells for around $1.03 per board foot. Our passion is helping small local farms. Using local trees and custom sawing gives you a product that means something to you and was made to last. Let us mill your project lumber, materials for a cabin, or for a timber frame barn. We want to make something YOU can be proud of for years to come.

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