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Timber/Forestry/Tree Services

Below is a brief description of some of the services we offer.

Tree Felling, Tree Removal, Downed Tree Clean up

We have the equipment to fell, buck, and haul off unwanted or downed trees. We also have the ability to process certain items on site (firewood, custom slab milling, chipping). We can limb, trim, and cut back overgrown trees in certain situations. Call the number below for information, scheduling, and specials.


From specialty splits (less than 16" long, thin splits) to 24" large firewood chunks; we can provide the firewood you need. We process firewood year round in 16" split lengths. We sell amounts 1/3 cord and up from mid September through mid January. We sell small bundles (in bags or wrapped) year round. We offer mixed hardwoods, just white and red Oak, premium cherry, and specialty bundles of hickory or Applewood (when available). Call the number below for more info, or to request pricing and availability.

Wood Chips for landscaping and animal bedding

We routinely process clean pine chips for our own animals. They are very small in size and allow for moisture to drain. We also make cedar, mixed hardwood, and individual species hardwood chips. We can vary our chip size depending on end use. We also can haul to you with our dump trailer. Bagging available for an extra fee.

Custom Milling

We currently have the ability to custom mill slabs and rough-cut lumber. Slabs can be made up to 24" wide plus live edge, up to 20' in length. We also have the ability to custom rough cut beams. One of our partners has the ability to mill rough sawn lumber in standard dimensions. We are planning to have our own mill set up by mid spring of next year. Please email us or call the number below for more information.