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A selection of what we do

Can't find someone to haul shavings to your barn? Need bush hog work or clearing done? Having trouble finding someone to fix fence and repair your drive? Give us a call, we do everything listed below and more.

As always, we will come out and give you a quote for free, and we work around your schedule.


Hay Cutting/Sales &

Pasture Care

We drag pastures, cultivate, seed, grow/harvest mixed grass hay, we also sell hay. We keep different types and blends throughout the year.  If your pasture needs work, give us a call.  

Clearing, Hauling,

and Brush Hogging

Need more than just that overgrown pasture cut? Have some wooded areas that need to be undercut? Have vines grown up all in your pasture? We can take care of all of it. Let us clean you property up.

Backhoe/Dirt Work

& Ponds

Culverts, trenching, ponds, levee repair, etc... we can do all manner of backhoe work. We even are available after hours for when the septic tank backs up and the plumber just has a shovel.

Storm Cleanup & Stump Grinding

Are there pesky stumps in your fence row? Do you have trees or limbs down and in your way from the last storm? We have the equipment to get it all out of your way so you can safely get back to whats important.


Driveways, Drainage, Irrigation, & Landscaping

We do gravel/shale driveway work. We can PERMENANTLY fix that pothole in your drive. We also do drainage and culverts. In the spring thru summer months, we do residential and farm irrigation work.

Twisted Oak: Homegrown

Beginning in may, we will have fresh veggies and other home-grown items. We also will begin to offer young goats and calves throughout the year, once they are weaned.

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