Quality At A Fair Price


Clearing, Hauling,

and Brush Hogging

Need more than just that overgrown pasture cut? Have some wooded areas that need to be undercut? Have vines grown up all in your pasture? We can take care of all of it. Let us clean your property up.

Backhoe/Dirt Work

& Ponds

Culverts, trenching, ponds, levee repair, etc... we can do all manner of backhoe work. We even are available after hours for when the septic tank backs up and the plumber just has a shovel.

Wood Chips, Milling & Firewood

We cut and split firewood!  We are gearing up to do custom milling, slabs, and woodworking. We still do Wood Chips.

Goat Sales & Breeding

We purchased another breeding male. He is a 5 month old Nigerian Dwarf. We will be offering breeding services this winter.

Goat's Milk and Natural Soap

When we have milking Doe's, we will be offering goats milk for sale. Sales will be wholesale and on site. Availability may vary. Soap Making has begun

Things to come:

Starting this February: custom milling and woodworking