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Livestock:     Breeding & Sales

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We breed and sell mixed breed goats. We don't breed purebred in order to allow us to pick and choose traits we like. Our animals are generally a mix of: Nigerian Dwarf, Boer, Nubian, and Myotonic. This gives us great nanny goats, who milk good and look after their young. We vaccinate, tag (scrapie/ID), and document all animals. Once we have selected those to sell, we weigh and trim hooves before we allow the goats to be sold. We prefer quality over quantity. Schedule a visit, email or call for more info.

Beef Cattle

At any one time, we may have between 2 to 6 steers or heifers feeding out. We have our animals butchered and sell whole, half, and quarter beefs. If you are looking for incredible flavor, lean and juicy steaks, and beef quality check off animals; look no further. To get info, pricing, and availability: call, email, or schedule a visit. We can tailor our feed plans to fit your requests. We also can feed out any breed you prefer. Feed-out and butchering can take up to 10 months. This includes aging the beef and custom cutting .


We now have donkeys. We will be making breeding decisions this fall. For more information, scroll below to get our number and give us a call.

Please call us for more information:

1 (501) 304-6829